Friday, December 02, 2011

An All Star Employee

I just want to take the time to write a message about one of my blog readers. Crystal works very hard, and does not always get the recognition she deserves. Well Crystal, even though people don't say it to you, I can guarantee that there are people who realize your dedication, and they appreciate it very very much. You are an All Star Renewal Specialist whether people tell you that or not. If it seems to get a little too stressful around there, just sit back and listen to the amazing musical deities from the 90's known as Smash Mouth.

Crystal, you are an All Star!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back to Blogging With DENIM!

Ok, so apparently people actually enjoyed this blog enough that they actually miss it. Some people go so far as to tell their co-workers to tell me to post again. Well your cries for more have been answered!! I won't be posting every day, and the posts probably won't be nearly as long as they used to be, but I will try to post more.

So my return to the blog will be done with my favorite commercial on TV.

This back to school commercial has been stuck in my head since I first saw it. I was singing it in a bar just the other day, I am putting it on my ipod so I can listen to it in my car, I randomly just call out "DENIM"... it is just amazing to me.

While finding the video of the most amazing commercial I also found this beautiful behind the scenes gem:

Friday, April 01, 2011


So, I started this blog just to have something to do during the day, and also to have some samples of my writing online. Granted some of the things I wrote about should probably not be used as samples for potential employers, but I was just having some fun blogging about various things. Well, all I can say is that this blog definitely paid off. I just received word that I got a new job. After more than 9 months of unemployment I will now once again be employed. Of course, if you say "my blog got me a job" you know it isn't to be a normal job, and you may be wondering what the job is...

I will be the Social Media Specialist for a farm in New Orleans, Louisiana. The farm specializes in raising hogs and growing medicinal marijuana. Oh yeah, and they are shooting a pilot for a new reality show called "Reefer Hog Wild". My post about not using drugs so I don't end up on the internet dancing in jorts brought my blog to their attention and they emailed me offering me the job. I will be blogging/tweeting/facebooking about the daily happenings on the farm, which they assure me will get pretty wacky. The premise of the show will be that they have a different famous pot smoking celebrity coming in each episode to work on the farm. The Dogg Father himself, Snoop, will be the guest star of the pilot. So not only do I get an amazing job as a Social Media Specialist, but I also get to meet Snoop. I am extremely happy and excited about this whole thing, and figured the best way to spread the word would be to use the blog that got me the job! I actually need to start packing and getting things ready for the big move, I will be flying down Monday to see where I will be living and to sign my contracts and stuff, then I come back home for a week and move down officially the following Monday! Wish me luck, and I'll post all the links for the new Blog, Twitter, and Facebook pages as soon as I start them. Thank you all for supporting my blog and helping me get this dream come true opportunity!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Drugs = Chubby in Jorts

I will never do drugs because I am scared I may turn out like this guy.

It is not the psychedelic graphics and bug-eyed puppets that lead me to this conclusion. I just don't want a video of me on the internet sporting a moustache, wearing jorts (jean shorts), and a shirt that my belly hangs out of every time I lift my arms. The idea of a gravy rainbow intrigues me; imagine the pot of mashed potatoes found at the end of that rainbow. Mmmmmm...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cartoons... What Happened?

This post is probably gonna come off making me sound like a very bitter old man, but I don't care... I watch children's television more than any 26 year old male should. I have Wizards of Waverly Place on my DVR and will gladly admit I watched the Suite Life movie last night. However kids today are seriously lacking when it comes to good cartoons. Yeah, Phineas and Ferb is fantastic and one of my absolute favorite shows, but that is just one cartoon. What happened to all the others. Even Cartoon Network has taken an MTV like turn and started showing things that do not live up to its name. I don't even know the last time I saw an actual Bugs Bunny cartoon on the air, and those are timeless. I can remember all kinds of cartoons from my childhood. Fox on Saturday mornings was pretty much amazing with things like X-men, Eek the Cat, Life With Louie, and countless others. Shows like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, GI Joe, and and others have gotten modern day reboots, but they don't last. Kids today just don't seem to enjoy cartoons like we have in the past. What happened that made cartoons a dying trend? I think if there was a channel that basically showed cartoons made from 1984-1998 it would be one of the most watched networks on television. I better hire a team of detectives to discover what happened to cartoons:

Or maybe a super hero would be better suited to undo the evil of ruining childhood cartoons:

Well you know me and whenever I have a problem I turn to Dinosaurs:

If none of that works to bring back good cartoon shows, i guess I'll just have to move to some isolated island away from this cartoon-less society:

And while I would love to keep coming up with reasons to show some awesome Cartoon Introductions I think I need to stop at some point. I'll post one more and you can leave some of your favorite cartoons in the comments section!

Ok, ok, one more and then I'm done... Sorry I can't help it, once I started looking for some I kept thinking of others I wanted to share. this one isn't the intro, but it's an amazing clip on why I loved this show: