Wednesday, March 02, 2011

My Weekend In Snowshoe

This past weekend Erica and I spent the weekend on Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia. It was a fun little trip that we were both looking forward to. Neither one of us really knew where Snowshoe was until after we began planning the trip. It was a little farther away than we both thought it was, but we both prepared for the 4 hour drive and knew a fun weekend away would be worth the time in the car. The drive was pretty rough though, snowy conditions made the curvy mountain roads even harder to navigate. Some of these roads had no lines painted anywhere on them, and no light of any kind, so it was very hard for us to see where the road was going sometimes. It took us a little longer than expected because we had to slow down quite a bit to follow some of the roads, but we found the Mountain Crest Villas relatively easily and entered our home for the weekend.

We got there pretty late Friday night, so after unpacking we just watched some television and then went to sleep. Saturday morning we woke up, had some cereal and just relaxed around the room for awhile. We watched television and basically vegged out for the morning. Our first plan for the day was to go tubing which was at a location a little lower on the mountain than we were staying. We drove down to the tubing area and found out that we actually timed it well because we only had a few minutes until the first tubing session of the day began. Sadly neither one of us thought to bring a camera with us to this part of the trip so we couldn't take any pictures of our tubing fun times. While tubing there were of course some very rude kids who just didn't understand how waiting in line works. They would just squeeze past people and get themselves as close to the front as they could, and of course there were no parents around to tell them that that isn't appropriate behavior. Another rude happening was while we were on the top of the hill waiting in line to go down the hill one West Virginia hick gets off to tow lift and yells for his friend at the front of the line to wait for a second. His adult friend waits and this young yokel proceeds to walk up and go down the hill cutting Erica and I and the other people who appropriately waited in line. His friend gladly lets him do this, then proceeds to wait until he is done and goes down the hill like nothing was wrong with this behavior. Even with this rude behavior we still had a fun time tubing down the hill repeatedly (on a side note, every time we raced I WON).
After tubing we decided to catch a bus and head to the top of the mountain and check out The Village, which is the majority of the resort. Everyone who we spoke to who had been there before told us the pizza shop had amazing pizza, so that is where we decided to go for lunch. The pizza certainly did not disappoint, it was very delicious. The price was exactly what you would expect for this type of location, but the pizza was much better than I expected. The location is right at the top of the mountain right off the lift, so of course it was full of people taking a lunch break from the slopes, and they were all certainly satisfied.
Cheat Mountain Pizza Company on Urbanspoon

With our bellies stuffed with delicious pizza we decided next to explore The Village and see what we could do later that day. We walked around and found the other restaurants so we could know where we wanted to eat dinner, and we went to all the different shops to see what they had for sale. There was a lot of cool stuff there, and if we had more money we definitely would have done a lot more. After our exploration of the mountain we went back to our room. Once there we kicked back for some more relaxing. We watched some more television, then showered and got ready to head back up the mountain. We took a bus back up to The Village and went to Foxfire Grille for dinner. With so many people staying in the general area of course there was a wait for a table, but we used our waiting time to head down to the souvenir store and buy a few things. After our trip to the store there wasn't much more time to wait for our table. We ordered some fried pickles as an appetizer and they were crispy and delicious. Erica had a shredded BBQ chicken sandwich which she loved and I had a taste too and it was fantastic. I had a a burger with pulled pork and bacon on it. This was a fantastic selection. I absolutely loved the burger! I had a local micro-brew pale ale to wash it all down which was also awesome. The fries weren't that great, but everything else was good enough that I didn't really eat all my fries anyways. Possibly the best part of the restaurant was the 5 bottles of BBQ sauce they kept on the table to enjoy. They had some very different sauces to choose from, which added some flare to the food.
Foxfire Grille on Urbanspoon
We were both feeling tired so after dinner we got back on the bus and went back to our room. We chilled on the couch watching television. Mostly we watched Pit Boss which seemed to be having a mini marathon. While watching Erica noticed some movement outside and when we went out we saw there were about 6 deer hanging out behind our building. We brought some bread because we were told to bring something to feed the deer. They walked up pretty close to eat the bread we had scattered outside our back deck. It was really cool to see them up so close, they were too frightened to eat the bread I was holding out in my hand, but they came a lot closer than any other deer I've ever seen.

The next morning we basically just took our time packing up and getting ready to leave, some more deer came back, but we had already given all our bread away so we had nothing to feed them. We loaded up the car and went back up the mountain one last time. We went past the village to one part of the resort a little higher up than the rest. Before our trip we found out that there was a bar there named Hoot's and since that is Erica's nickname we knew we had to check it out while we were there. So we went up the mountain and found Hoot's. We were a little disappointed with the food there, it was basic bar food. We were hoping they would have shirts or something for sale so Erica could get one, but they did not. Well after Hoot's we got in the car and began our drive back. It was much easier with the sun out and no snow. Being able to see the road ahead makes it a whole lot easier to drive on. I did the entire drive there and back, and for those of you who know me and my driving history that is a huge deal.
Overall it was a very fun weekend, with plenty of relaxing down time. I wish we could go back when we both have some more money and more time, it was a lot of fun and I recommend Snowshoe Mountain to anyone who enjoys Winter fun.

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