Thursday, January 13, 2011

Restaurants I Like and Dislike

For the past two Wednesdays and a few random ones scattered before that, I have gone down (or should I say dahn) to Tad's on East Carson. I first went to Tad's because Tad, the namesake of the bar and owner/operator, is a good friend of my brother Boo. The main reason I keep going back is because on Wednesdays the wings are only 25 cents. These wings are not only cheap, but extremely delicious as well. I can honestly say these are my favorite wings in Pittsburgh. Recently, Steve, the best man at my brother Boo's wedding, took over the kitchen. He did a major expansion and overhaul on the menu. Formerly the menu had about 3 items, wings, fried cheese balls, and french fries (I honestly think that was all they had, maybe 1 or 2 other things). The menu now has a myriad of choices including burgers, chicken wraps, and a slew of appetizers. Also, the wing flavors now have normal names, before the new menu, wings had names like "Hot Lass" which did not describe what it tasted like at all. People were constantly asking "What does this mean? What about that one?" Now there is no confusion, Hot, Mild, and Medium are pretty self explanatory, as are the other flavors they serve.
As for the bar itself it is a very nice place to sit, eat, and enjoy a drink or two. Granted, I'm always there from like 7pm-10pm on a Wednesday night, so it isn't really a crowded time for a bar. I love going to watch the Pens' games. There are plenty of televisions around the bar so you can see one from any seat (this is a big plus for me, because so many places have seats where you have to twist and turn and strain to see a television with the game on). Jordie, the bartender, is super nice too. He keeps my drink full and is very nice and personable.

I highly recommend checking out Tad's on East Carson, especially on a Wednesday. Last night dinner for two (a dozen wings for me, eight for Erica, and splitting an order of fried cheese balls) and a few beers cost me $13, and we were full. You can't beat that! This easily falls into the "Restaurants I Like" category. If you stop down tell Tad Dave Kraemer sent you (maybe he'll give me a free beer or something). Even if Tad wasn't a friend I would still love this bar and their food, everyone who I have been there with has loved it too!

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  1. Will you ever make keg tapping again?

  2. O yes, I'll be sure to make the keg tappings, I will miss some cheap wings once a month for a free HB bier!


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