Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Restaurants I Like and Dislike

The next restaurant in my series will be Chan An. This quaint little Chinese restaurant nestled in the Crafton-Ingram Shopping Center is my absolute favorite place to get Chinese food. I call in and am greeted with the lovely voice of Mrs. Chan An saying "Chan An how can help you?" I tell her what I want, she quickly repeats it back to me, tells me my order number, and thanks me. I used to get the same order number no matter what I ordered, or when I ordered it. I could call in at any time and place an order and Mrs. Chan An would say "Take out order number 43. Thank you." It was uncanny that I was always number 43. I honestly think Mrs. Chan An knew my voice from calling in so much and purposely just gave me the same number every time.

I used to order from Chan An once or twice a week while in college. I would come home from school and go pick up some delicious food for lunch. I may have gone too often because Mrs. Chan An recognized me and when I walked in the door she would immediately know which order was mine, no matter how many she had packed and ready to go. I still go to Chan Ans often, not as often as I used to, but perhaps it is still too often. While trying to find pictures to add to this blog post I Googled Chan Ans Restaurant on the image search; while looking at all the pictures I found there is a picture of me on the second page!! My favorite dish to get there is the Hot and Spicy Chicken, with Fried Rice and Wonton Soup (pictured right).

Chan An on Urbanspoon
Since I go so often I think you can already tell that Chan An is without a doubt in the "Restaurants I Like" category. I have never had a bad experience there, I am always happy with the food I receive from Chan An.

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  1. You have to try the boneless ribs appetizer. Most addicting thing on the menu.


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