Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Restaurants I Like and Dislike

Last night, like many other Monday nights, Erica and I went out for a weekly special meal. Almost every Monday Erica and I go out for burritos at Moe's Southwest Grill. For those of you unfamiliar with Moe's here is a video explaining all about Moe's (I don't know why it looks like it's from a 1994 corporate training seminar).
We go to the Moe's on Campbell's Run Road in Robinson. Monday nights, also known as Moe's Mondays, there is a special deal for ANY burrito, chips, and a drink for less than 6 bucks!! I typically get a burrito stuffed with so many additions the burrito builders have a hard time rolling it shut. We also normally get a cup of the queso dip on the side as it is a perfect addition to go with the freshly made chips. The burritos are quite big and very filling so it is a lot of bang for your buck. The staff is always very friendly, I smile every time I walk in and hear them all shout "Welcome to Moe's!" Which I'm sure gets really annoying to them, but they always seem happy to shout it. They always seem to be in good moods and chat with us as they create our burritos. While checking out last night, the guy working the register said I lose brownie points for having Erica pay for my meal on Valentines Day. I told him that was her V-day treat for me, a delicious burrito meal, which is much better than a crowded fancy restaurant on Valentine's Day.
I highly recommend checking out Moe's it definitely falls into the "Restaurants I Like" category. The burritos are great and the prices are good too. The staff is excellent. I have never had any problems with the food I've ordered since you get to watch them build it right in front of you, and you choose everything that goes in. If your hungry on a Monday night maybe give me a call and we can go enjoy some Moe's Monday burritos together!

Moe's Southwest grill is not to be confused with Flaming Moe's...

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  1. The Moe's in Monroeville closed, and now there isn't a convenient one for me. REGRET.

  2. One downside of Moe's (in Erie at least) is that it is hard to get a table! Usually, Charlie goes and stands in line for our meals while I stand around like a vulture waiting for a table to vacate! At least as a bonus for finally getting a table, usually if a staff member sees you sitting with kids, they bring over the high chair or booster right away for you and are really quick about wiping off the tables too.

  3. I love Moe's. I really like that they have the salsa bar.



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